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Any good business person understands the need to continue innovating. The current labor market is requiring organizations to  challenge the traditional HR standards. Some of these standards have remained unchanged, and unquestioned, for nearly a century. 

Strategic Solutions
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We are not in the business of throwing any and all ideas against the wall and hoping some stick. Instead, we devote time early in our relationship learning about your organization. This allows us to find the various strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities that will make the greatest impact on your organization.

happy employees are up to 20% more productive


Let's get serious

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Strategic Planning

To create a happier employee, we must have a strategy. To haphazardly implement hopeful solutions will not lead to any measurable success.


One efficiency that we deploy is a new HRIS (Human Resource Information System). This allows us to capitalize on significant efficiencies.


Regulations continue to evolve and you are liable for those changes. With our connections and experience, we are able to keep you and your policies up-to-date.


Relocation and the subsequent policies could greatly aid a company's ability to attract top talent. We will get this drafted and implemented.


Employees who go through a structured onboarding process are 58% more likely to be with the company after 3 years.....seems pretty important!

HR Policies

Policies are the foundation for creating a great company culture. Policies help provide structure and set expectations on what is and is not approved.

Employee Relations

An HR department would not be complete without having availability to assist your employees. We help them navigate various topic to ensure compliance.


We work with you and your benefits broker to ensure you are pursuing and purchasing benefits that matter. We can even strategize initiatives to offer new benefits.

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Our mission is your success

We are not trying to be cliche with this statement. Our mission is to challenge traditional thinking in pursuit of happiness. But how does this help you? Well, we have found tons of research that supports the idea that happier employees make for a more successful company. So if we are successful in achieving our mission, your organization will benefit by default.