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Communities across the State of Indiana are beginning to identify the specific recipe that will help them become successful. With our strategy and project assistance, we can help your community harness this momentum to make your community great.

Strategic Solutions
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We are not in the business of throwing any and all ideas against the wall and hoping some stick. Instead, we devote time early in our relationship learning about your community. This allows us to find the various strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities that will make the greatest impact on your community.

58 of the 92 counties, all of which are rural, are projected to experience population decline

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here is what we can offer

Downtown Revitalization

Downtown is the new focus of modern economic and community development. Those who live and visit your community want to enjoy your downtown. Communities will live and die by their downtowns.

Community Development

Community Development can often be a convenient umbrella for quality of life initiatives. These could be parks, gathering spaces, and other projects that create a better place to live.


This is more specific genre of community development. This is about making your place worth visiting and can include a range of projects. We can help you execute projects to improve your community

Art Based Placemaking

We segregate this topic because of the excitement related to it. Whether you wish to do art installation, murals, or music, we have appreciation for art and the promise it can hold for a community.

Project Management

This is an all-inclusive service offering just to be to all-inclusive for your community development needs. This can be on niche projects you may have that need an extra set of hands to accomplish.

Branding & Marketing

Communities are products in today's world, and therefore need appropriate branding & marketing. We have experience helping businesses with marketing and branding, and we can apply that experience to your community.

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Our mission is your success

We are not trying to be cliche with this statement. Our mission is to challenge traditional thinking in pursuit of happiness. But how does this help you? Well, we believe that creating a strong and prospering community begins with quality of life. Concentrating on place-making and quality of place will not only make your community more attractive, but also a better place to live for your existing residence.